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Blow Maritime is currently looking at expanding its course repertoire to accommodate the internationals living in Oslo and provide them with an English course to acquire their Boating License (Båtførerbevis) and to become safe and reliable captains when steering a vessel. In order to do so, we need to know if there are enough people interested, so if you are an English-speaker and would like to get your license, please put your name and contact information down in the signup form below. With enough interest, the possibility for an English course in late June, is definitely present!

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Is the Boating License compulsory?
Yes, if you are born after 1980, you are legally acquired to have a boating license if you wish to steer a vessel that has more power than 25HP or is longer than 8m. If you are born before 1980, it is still recommended, both in terms of safety and insurance, to acquired a Norwegian Boating Licence.

What about my ICC license?
If you already have an International Certificate of Competence (ICC), you are exempt from the requirement listed above.

What do I learn from taking a Boating License Course?
The curriculum for the Norwegian Boating License is theoretical only. It still covers a vast range of topics such as navigation, map-reading, vessel lighting, emergency signals and procedures, buoy systems and lighthouse characteristics. You will also get general information about safe use of boats and boating equipment and how to react in different situations that may occur at sea.

How big a boat can I steer with the Boating License?
With the Norwegian Boating License, you can steer a vessel (Motorboat or Sail Boat) up to 15m.

What is the final exam like?
The final exam is held the last hour of our courses. It is done digitally on a computer and consists of 50 multiple choice questions from the curriculum. To pass the exam you need at least 80% (40 answers) correct answers, and in addition you need 80% correct in the category “Important topics” (Spesielt viktige emner).

How much will it cost me?
We have not yet set a price for our English course, as it has not yet been developed nor confirmed to take place. With enough interest from internationals, we will definitely go through with it and those who sign up in the form above will receive pricing information accordingly. As a reference, our Norwegian classroom courses are priced at 1490NOK and the price for an English course is not likely to deviate too much from that. In addition to the price of the course itself, there is a public testing fee of 646NOK that must be payed when registering in the Norwegian Registry of Boating Licenses (Båtførerregisteret). This is not included in the price of the course.

How long will it take?
Depending on the need for thorough explanations to individuals with perhaps lower fluency in English and to account for the fact that even our brilliant lecturer will move slower through the curriculum in English, we still estimate that the course will be completed over a weekend. Our Norwegian weekend courses run from 10:00-17:00 Sat-Sun. More details about this will be sent to recipients on the signup form above.

How can I use my Boating License back home?
Unless you are a permanent resident of Norway and “back home” means Norway (Welcome!), the use of the Norwegian Boating License is generally accepted as proof of the sufficient knowledge about the use and navigation of boats throughout Europe and major parts of the world. On the back of the credit card-formatted license you receive by mail if you passed the test, there is a translation stating your ability to steer a vessel up to 15m. However, in some countries you might be required to prove not only your theortical knowledge, but also your practical skill. In such cases, it would be a good idea to take a practical test to upgrade your Norwegian Boating License to an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). More information about this is available here (In Norwegian, alternatively use Google Translate to read it!). A link to the ICC curriculum handbook is also available here.


If you have any other questions regarding the Norwegian Boating License, don’t hesitate to contact us at